Benefits of Membership

Your annual membership fee in WPSE provides you with the following:

  • Networking opportunities with a broad base of women involved in post-secondary education across the province of British Columbia, including faculty, administrators, staff and students;

  • Opportunities for professional growth and development, such as;

    • Annual Provincial Conference

    • Organized events on Individual Campuses (dinner meetings, brown bag luncheons, workshops, guest speakers)

    • Notification of career advancement opportunities in the post-secondary system

  • Personal support and mentoring

  • Support for changing systems, both within individual post-secondary institutions and across the province by providing:

    • Provincial, institutional and sectoral representation of your views and concerns,

    • Political advocacy and action for the advancement of women,

    • Assistance to institutions in order to accomplish social change,

    • Linkages with affiliated organizations and groups;

  • Greater awareness of issues of concern to women in the educational system;

  • Greater community awareness of initiatives for social change;

  • Reduced fees for annual conference, professional development activities and special events;

  • Access to resources such as:

    • WPSE membership list

    • WPSE Speakers' Bureau

    • Videos, books and educational materials

  • Communication of all the above via the newsletter, mailing and informal networking.

  • WPSE talk provides immediate access to all members


The Association of Women in Post-Secondary Education in British Columbia is open to both individual and institutional members.

Individual memberships are only $30 per year for full-time, $25 year for part-time or $60 for three years. $15 per year for retirees or students. Institutional memberships are based on the size of the organization as established by the Ministry of Skills, Training and Labour. The rates can be $100, $200 or $300.

We invite you to join us.

Contact: Linda Coyle
2789 Cranley Drive
Surrey, BC V4P 1E2

Mailing Address:
Women in Post-Secondary Education
c/o Linda Coyle
2789 Cranley Drive
Surrey, BC V4P 1E2


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